Health and Wellness Challenges

The Health and Wellness Challenges are  health challenges aimed at encouraging men & women to attain or maintain the following three health objectives for at least 8 weeks: (Different Health Challenges will begin and end at different set dates:

  • Eating at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Getting active at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Being accountable for your actions

The Health and Wellness Challenges focuses on participation and action, not performance. Participants take up the Health and Wellness Challenge their own way, according to their personal situation and preferences, and to improve their health.

We will be using the following apps (No exceptions):

MyFitnessPal (Food Journal)

The PACT App (Get paid to exercise, log your foods (syncs with MFP) and eat your fruit & veggies.

The GroupMe App (We can all chat as a group, share recipes and challenges)

Individuals who are duly registered in the Health and Wellness Challenge and who satisfy the conditions in the present rules and regulations are eligible to win a monetary prize.

We have a Health and Wellness cash pot.  Every participant puts in $40 Registration fee in the pot.  Please download the App SQUARE CASH to transfer the Registration Fee (it’s very secure).  At the end of the challenge there will be 3 winners.  Most % of weight lost, most Healthy Points earned, and most Calories Burned.  The Challenger who wins the Most % weight loss gets half of the pot. The other 2 will split the remainder.

Every Sunday of the challenge you will input and upload your info here. (Current weight, Healthy Points earned,Calories Burned for week.  You will also upload a picture of your scale showing your current weight, and a screenshot of your complete PACT.